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Receiving a Call From Santa Claus

Do you have a little Santa Claus lover on your hands? Is your child concerned about being on the naughty or nice list? And if they are going to receive presents for Christmas?

I cannot believe this actually worked but I saw it with my own eyes and now I’m thankful for discovering it and giving it a chance. You should too! Now, I just have to see how long this will work.

I downloaded an app called Santa Claus onto my phone from the App Store. I was looking for a way to ‘scare’ my daughter because I always verbally tell her that Santa Claus is watching her and if she is naughty then he’s not going to bring her any presents for Christmas. She just looks at me and practically rolls her eyes at me like I’m crazy. Well, now I have proof! I can leave a voicemail, text message, or request a phone call to my phone from Santa Claus himself! And I can get him to say all sorts of things to her including:

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Stocking Stuffers Your Little Girl Will Love

I always seem to have a hard time deciding what kinds of goodies to put in my daughter’s stocking for Christmas. So, I decided to start early this year and search around. Here are some cute, fun sized items that my daughter and I have found that we think will make great stocking stuffers! Please keep in mind that a lot of the things that we have picked out were from the interest of my daughter who just happens to be 3-years old but, most little girls seem to like the same types of things (i.e. Disney, princesses, girly things) so we think these would be perfect! Hope you like them too!

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